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Belgian Heritage

Founded originally in Belgium, Quix Chocolate is now being brought to the US as a Belgian-owned chocolate store.


“Chocoladehuis Quix” was officially founded in 1949 in Lanklaar, Belgium. The owners Marcel Jeandarme and Mariette Quix started the company from the basement of their home in the Dutch speaking province of Limburg.

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Early Expansion

My family's company produced its own chocolate, starting completely from scratch with imported cocoa beans.

In the early days the chocolate sells easily to shops and bakers across Belgium’s largest cities: Gent, Antwerp, Brussels and Liege.


Interestingly, after the end of World War II chocolate became very popular and a luxury product.

Changing Guard

The company expanded quickly thereafter and sold its products beyond its borders marketing its cocoa in French, German and Dutch.


In the late 1980’s the company needed to modernize to stay in business.


However, there was no apparent heir to take over the reins.

Legacy Reborn

Now, several years later, Quix Chocolate is proud to resume operations in Michigan keeping the history of the family business alive providing Belgian-style chocolates and flavors. 

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