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Satisfy your sweet tooth on International Chocolate Day

Natalie Newman

Sep 13, 2023

Shop makes fall-themed chocolates and beyond

September 13th is International Chocolate Day, so of course, there’s no better way to celebrate than by satisfying your sweet tooth with some of the delicious treat.

Chocolate creations go beyond just simple candy bars, and a chocolate maker in Ferndale is proving just that with his decadent designs at Quix Chocolate. David Ogloza appeared on “Live In The D” to showcase his creations, which include colorful chocolate leaves, chocolate hedgehogs, and even a chocolate turkey centerpiece that’s colorfully painted.

The process for creating colorful chocolates involves multiple steps. Ogloza explained they start by painting chocolate molds. This will become the outside layer, which showcases the edible colors. Next, they add some white, so that the colors will pop even more. The next step is “shelling” the chocolate. That is followed by adding a flavored filling, and then a final layer of chocolate. The final step is removing the finished chocolates from the molds. Then, it’s time to eat them!

Quix Chocolate offers around forty different flavors at the chocolate counter. The shop is located at 221 W. Troy St. #200 in Ferndale.

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